For Coaches and Course Creators

These are my all time favourite tools that I and my clients have used and love. Click on the the logos to check them out.

Some of these links are affiliate links which means I get a small commission if you click on the links and make a purchase. Thank you for your support. 

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What's a coach without the ability to schedule calls with potential clients and actual clients. It's affordable and has a very clean interface both on the owner and client side. You can embed it on your website and create as many packages as you'd like. Plus it directly integrates with lots of software


Still a scheduling software for coaches and service providers. If you're looking for a software with a generous free plan, this is great for starting out. The free plan allows you to one event type and the ability to embed on your website.


You need pretty forms to collect some information before you sign up any client. It gives you an opportunity to choose your clients and make sure they're a perfect fit for you. Typeform makes it really easy to do so.


When you're starting out, you need to establish your online presence and a website is a great way to do so. I recommend using for which you'd need website hosting. I LOVE Siteground. They have amazing prices, great customer service and 99.9% uptime.


ConvertKit is my all-time favourite email marketing platform for list building. If you're need beautiful forms, an well designed interface and high deliverability rates, then you need to get ConvertKit in your life.


I get it. Everyone has to start somewhere. Mailerlite is great if you're getting your feet wet with email marketing. You get your first 1000 subscribers free and unlimited sending. If you do need to upgrade, the prices are very affordable.


My favourite landing page builder but it's not all that. It comes with lots of other features that lets you automate your business into the next level. Drag and Drop software to funnel your leads to where they should click (pun totally intended).


Whether you need to record your screen for calls or you need to provide feedback/tutorials, Loom is your sure bet. It's free and does an amazing job at recording high quality audio and video.


Need a membership site that is both high converting. functional and affordable. Membervault is a great option. With their generous free plan and affordable top notch prices, for when you're ready to move up, Membervault is a great tool. I've been both a user and customer for this product.


Did I hear someone mention all-in-one? Sales pages, funnels, membership site, checkout pages, helpdesks, high delivery email marketing and top notch user interface, say hello to Kartra. I have built systems for my clients with Kartra and they love it. You can click the logo, to try it out for 14 days, and save up to $2k yearly.


Webinars are one of the highest lead generation tools and strategies around. But an automated webinar is even better. Get your webinars on autopilot. Set it, forget it, collect your money at the end of the day. Try it out for 60 days at $1.


Before you automate your webinars, I highly recommend that you test many live webinars first, to find the highest converting one. While you're doing that. you need WebinarJam on your side. It's very generous yearly plan and great service will blow you out of the water.


I love podia for two things. The absolutely clean interface and their pricing structure. For $79/month aka their highest plan, you can sell digital downloads, memberships, courses etc with no limit on the number of students. You don't have to worry about percentages off your revenue. It's all yours. If you need courses only, then the $39 plan will work perfect.


All your usernames can't be admin and your passwords can't be yourname1234. With Lastpass, which is totally free, you can securely store and share passwords with your team members. You just have to remember one password, your master passwords which will be the Last-password you'll ever need.


Projects get crazy and all over the place. Asana turns that mess into a project that keeps you on task. You can assign to your team members or even yourself if you run solo. Nothing gets lost and everything gets done on time.


Video is one of the most popular content marketing formats and you need good video hosting to achieve secure streaming especially for your paid content. Vimeo is both affordable and has many features that lets you control your videos as you like. It also integrates with almost any platform out there. Win-win!


Whether you're starting a podcast or you just need really good audio for your live videos and webinars, the Blue Yeti microphone is going to be your new best friend. High quality audio for a high quality entrepreneur.


Starting a Youtube channel or you just need a good and simple camera to help you make higher quality videos? Then check this webcam out on Amazon. It has glowing reviews and it'll do exactly what it says and more.